Xicoy Digital CG Machine gen 4

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The Xicoy digital CG machine gen 4 is a new breakthrough in model building and flying.

It not only will allow you to check the CG of your model within a few seconds. Our Ultimate Jets certified machines also allow to do this with a fantastic precision of less than 1 mm !

As such, this is the most important safety related accessory we can recommend.

Additionally, this device also allows you to precisely check the weight of your model.

All of this is achieve through a very high quality touch color LCD that is designed to be used in outdoor conditions.

The device consists of 3 gen 4 precision digital mini scales ( 1 g resolution, made in Europe ) connected to a small touch LCD screen that embodies a computing chip. Gen 3 scales feature a new set of aluminum covers with 2 screws for added stability, a slightly different seating on the measurement beam and a different base.


The machine works for tail dragger as well as 3 wheeler.


It is designed to give you:

1. The total weight of the model
2. Distance of the actual CG from the reference CG position
3. Weight to subtract/ add at a given location to obtain the reference CG

The procedure to use the device is as followed:
1. Setup the model name
2. Enter the position of the wheels towards the reference CG
3. Enter the position of the nose ballast bay
4. Set the model on the scales
5. Follow the indications on the screen to add/ remove weight.

Here is a video of the prototype device being operated by Gaspar.

A custom balancing log is available on the download tab of this page. This will enable you to record the CG location, flight charactiristics, influence of fuel, smoke fluid, gear position. A very useful tool to rapidly nail your CG position after a maiden and verify it at the beginning of each flight season or after a repair...


Optional angle sensors are available as well to connect to the central unit and record your throws on all control surface. This comprises of 3 angle sensors precise to 0.1 degree.


We also offer a set of precision machined conical supports for those who want to balance their planes with the gear up ( to check the influence of the gear of the CG position ) or who don't have gear on their planes ( gliders for example ).




Every single CG machine gen 4 set is matched, adjusted and calibrated in-house. We create a serial number for every set and use a precision weight for calibration. Every set comes with a Ultimate Jets calibration certificate and our unique Advanced Procedures Manual that explains how to use the machine like a professional aero engineer to achieve precise and dependable results.


If you wish to purchase a more complete set at a special price, look for our CG machine gen 4 Deluxe bundle.

We certify our product for the following:

Resolution of 1 gr/ 0.02 oz per 10 kg/ 5 lb.

Drift of 1 per 1000 per 20 min ( 5 grs per 5 kgs per 20 min ).

The maximum model weight is 40 kgs/ 90 lbs for regular units.

100 kgs/ 220 lbs unit is available on order.

We recommend taking this very compact device with you at the field for the first few flights while you fine tune your CG on the spot!