Wind tunnel study shapes

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One of our industry specialty is the production of wind tunnel study models.

Our CAM production line includes a full digital process, driven by Siemens NX 12 software licences as well as Siemens 808 D controlled machines.

We are able to scratch design any shapes from set of drafted drawings or to convert any CAD files in order to process the model through our CAD/ CAM workflow.

Our milling capacity consists of two Kuka milling robots, 3 conventional routers, 1 5 axis router.

We can cut shapes into aluminum, LAB resin, high density milling foam, or MDF.

The plug can be then finished by hand or by machine depending on the level of precision required.

We can include sensors in the design, like pressure ports, vibration sensors or strain gauges.

Our precision output is up to 1/10 mm on a finish product.


Here is an example of a study shape being cut in high density tooling foam. This is a short video sequence of the second roughing pass in 5 axis milling.


And here is the finished result: