Weatronic Pitot tube system

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Pitot system for the LinkVario and MUX box.

Real speed measurement up to 450 km / h.

With the speed sensor as an addition to LinkVario and the MUX box it is possible to measure airspeeds of 0 - to 450 km / h and record the data in the transmitter as well as output the speed in English via an ear plug. The speed measurement is performed by comparing the dynamic pressure ( the air pressure generated by the air iin flight), to the ambient air pressure.
The Pitot system consists of two parts:
1. The pitot tube itself that measures the ambient pressure directly from a series of annular holes ( making the system is independent of the angle of attack of the model ) and the dynamic pressure from the front hole.
2. A precision differential pressure transducer connected to the LinkVario or MUX box.

The power is supplied by the LinkVario or Mux box units.
The connection between the pitot tube and the sensor is made via two thin silicone tubes.


For instructions on how to install your pitot tube and setup GigaControl, please refer to this article:

Setting up your MUX BOX and its sensors.