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The Weatronic BAT 60 transmitter represent the next generation of remote control equipment available as a hand held version and was the first transmitter in the World to be fully compliant with the new ETSI standard EN 300 328 V1.8.1.


It is 100% made in Germany from the highest quality aerospace grade components by specialists of microwave transmission systems.

It features many industry breakthrough advances as:

1. 96 channels, outputting to up to 62 servos from 22 transmitter control devices with up to 3 receivers configured as main/ sub1/ sub2 in parallel.

2. Extremely precise control sticks with full aluminium 9 bearing gimbals system, hall effect digital stick sensors ( no ceramic track, no contact ) a new revolutionary ramp system with customizable progressive response curve and 4096 steps resolution.

3. Proprietary digital trim wheels perfectly centered on the remote control for optimal ergonomics.

4.100 frames per second adaptive bandwith radio link transmission with full 80 channel utilization, 100 frames per second servo refresh rate with ultra precise 4096 steps and configurable servo pulse from 3 ms to 30 ms. Redundant broadcast on two channels in parallel.

5. Largest colour programming LCD touch screen on the market with dual screen capability.

6. Integrated transmission module and dual patch antennas with dual hemispheric patterns.

7. Legendary Weatronic adaptive frequency hopping system with 128 bit GUID encryption.

8. An intelligent battery management that features:

  • 4 parallel Li-Ion cells of 3000 mAh each. Dedicated charge and discharge controller, including single-cell monitoring, overload protection and specific temperature and current measurement.
  • 3 cells are connected in parallel to the power supply, 1 cell is used as a backup.
  • Separate packs or power supply can be plugged while operating the remote. 4S A123 packs can be used for this purpose.
  • 6 internal cell upgrade available for increase endurance.

9.  A very advanced wizard mode enables easy programming of the remote control

10.  A World unique ability to bind 3 receivers in parallel to the same transmitter to enable one receiver per airplane part and up to sextuple redundancy!

Dual screen configuration with telemetry page on the top Samsung Galaxy S3 screen.


 11.  Another World premiere is the comprehensive color graphic interface sequencer. It allow to setup up to 12 different sequence programs comprising of up to all the receiver servos split into 10 timed segments per servo! This makes it the most user friendly and most comprehensive sequencer on the market.


12.  Our new Ultimate Log Reader is the first log system to offer statistical analysis applied to RF Link performance. It is unique in may aspects and offers professional data analysis capabilties never seen on the RC World yet.

The most important feature of that system is the Weatronic truly redundant intelligent frequency hopping algorithm. The transmitter and receiver have two built-in completely independent RF link systems that are constantly scanning the 2,4 Ghz band and updating their data for maximum radio reception quality.

Why intelligent frequency hopping system?

Because the Weatronic system makes the maximum use of the 80 channels allocated in the 2.4 GHz band. It scans the band at a rate of 100 times per second. The system then automatically discards jammed channels. It will not hop to an occupied channel in the band. This feature will offer you an unmatched RF link robustness for your model.

The Gizmo receiver units can use optional high efficiency patch antennas that have a hemispheric reception pattern, eliminating masking problems. The range obtained with this system is outstanding at up to 5 km or 3.2 Mi.

Then several features make this system unique:

1. A World unique RF link diagnostic tool and quality database characterizing thousands of flights and flight hours to enable you to compare your results from day to day, models to models and with other modellers/ types of model. This tool is so precise that it will enable you to see a drop of 1% in the RF link quality and it will enable you to optimize your antenna placement in the model.

2. The BAT analyser ( to be published ) will enable you to characterize the antenna reception field and choose the best antenna positioning thanks to its unique 3D data presentation. This software is optional with the BAT system as all information are available through the transmitter screen.

3.  Each receiver output can be completely custom programmed with a very clear transmitter graphic interface, including travel, curve, reverse, gyro assignment ( when available ), failsafe position, servo pulse rate, speed and much more. programming can be done from the radio or from a PC screen.

4. Every receiver has telemetry capability including voice readback in English language that is fully programmable from the transmitter or Gigacontrol. All the data is recorded on a USB stick and can be live viewed on the radio screen.

5. A range of telemetry sensors is available, including GPS  module, pitot tube, temperature sensors, RPM meter, current sensors, via the link vario glider module.

6. The power bus on the optional Gizmo receiver features 8 servo banks, each with their own voltage regulator for a total current capacity of 40A. Each bank is monitored by the system and isolated in case of a short circuit. This has saved many models already.

7. A battery test routine on this receiver is launched at each receiver power up. It applies a given resistive load to each battery and checks that the voltage drop stay within a given value. If not, the receiver will send a battery warning. The Gizmo is compatible with may types of batteries, including 2S LiPo, 3S A123.


BAT 60 features:


    • Proprietary full aluminium gimbals design with 9 ball bearings
    • wear-free thanks to the hall-sensors
      • Innovative feedback ramp concept with several different stick feel

    • 22 free programmable control elements
    • 5ʺ capacitive touch screen 800 x 480 colour LCD
    • "Look and find“ function thanks to the built in GPS receiver
    • Web interface for external access and programming
      • Separate charge controller for each Li-Ion cell to up to 6 cells

      • One battery is always on standby and offer a 25% reserve capacity

    • USB-A and USB-B (master and slave)
    • 3,5 mm headphones socket
    • Two parallel transmitting and receiving systems
    • Optional WLAN ,
    • Optional stick switches with two stick lengths



BAT 60 specifications:


  • transmission: adaptive frequency hopping operation with “listen before talk” function
  • hopping-frequencies: 80
  • hopping-speed: 100 Hz
  • antennas: 2 x patch antennas (angle of radiation > 180°)
  • 4 Li-Ion batteries à 3000 mAh
  • integrated GPS receiver
  • operating- and charging voltage: 10,0 - 20,0 Volt
  • temperature range: -10° C to +60° C, non-condensing
  • dimensions: 220 x 200 x 51 mm (L x W x H)

Colours available soon:














MIL spec green digital camo ( MARPAT Woodland ):



MIL spec grey digital camo ( MARPAT Urban ):



MIL spec sand digital camo ( MARPAT Desert ):