UAV wheels

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These are lightweight alloy wheels developed for UAVs.

The wheels are made from Al 6061 and CNC machined at our facility.

They include dual ABEC5 sealed ball bearings.

The wheels are assembled with multiple screws ( 8 to 12 depending models ) clamping from outer rim to inner rim. The tire is clamped into the rim with these screws as well, ensuring very good resilience to centrifugal forces during very high speed operations.

Each rim size can accommodate a wide range of tire diameters.

The wheel can be fitted to our alloy struts or carbon fiber blade struts with custom axles.



Sizes available are:

45 mm OD rim/ 4 mm OD axle/ for tire from 70 mm to 90 mm

60 mm OD rim/ 6 mm OD axle/ for tire from 90 mm to 110 mm ( max load 100 lbs )

80 mm OD rim/ 8 mm OD axle/ for tire from 120 mm to 150 mm ( max load 150 lbs )

110 mm OD rim/ 12 mm OD axle/ for tire from 160 mm to 200 mm ( max load 200 lbs )

160 mm OD rim/ 16 mm OD axle/ for tire from 220 mm to 300 mm ( max load 500 lbs )


45, 60 and 80 mm rims are compatible with pneumatic or electric brakes and can be used as nose wheels.

The 110 mm to 200 mm size rims are compatible with medium weight servo operated disc brakes or high weight servo operated disc brakes only and are most suited as main wheels.


Wheel price is per unit, raw aluminum or painted, including bearings, without  axle, tire and brake system.

For axle length and size, please contact us.