UAV molded tires

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We manufacture industrial grade custom UAV tires matching custom UAV wheels and attaching to our carbon fiber struts or alloy struts.

The molded tires can be of two technologies.

Plain Molded Rubber ( PMR )

Plain Foamed Molded Rubber (PFMR )

  1. PMR tires are the most simple form of custom tires. They are suitable for small/ medium UAVs up to class 3/ 500 lbs.


. They can be produced relatively fast

. They require no maintenance.

. They are easy to replace

. They are cheaper


. They are heavier

. They are limited in rotational speed ( max 20 m/s outer surface velocity )

. They are limited in size ( max 10 " )


        2. PFMR tires are a more advanced construction.

They consist of a 1/6 outer plain rubber skin injected on a foamed rubber core. The interface between the foam core and the plain rubber skin can be kevlar belted (-k ) or not.

They are suitable for medium/ large UAVs, up to class 3/ 300 lbs


. They are lighter

. They sustain higher surface velocity/ high rotational speeds in kevlar belted version ( -k )

. They are less limited in size: ( max 20" )

. They are easy to replace


. They are have less flats allowance

. They require inspection for flats ( if the foam or kevlar blet are visible, discard )

. They are more expensive


Please contact our specialists for a quote on custom size/ specifications manufacturing.