UAV carbon blade struts

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We are manufacturing custom carbon blade struts for our UAV cuustomers.

These are made of shock resistant lower modulus UD carbon fibers with toughened epoxy resin.

The struts have a custom fiber distribution as followed: 70% along the strut length, 20% at +-45 degrees of x axis and 10% along x axis for torsional stiffness. These are therefore not isotropic, however we can change fiber distribution at customer's request.

Our strut are modular and can be repaired easily. They consist of:

A pair of Blades ( flat or curved ) for the main gear
A single aero folded blade for the nose gear including:
Servo mounting plate for the nose strut, including fork brass shaft.


Wheel shafts are wheel and load dependent and are sold separately.

Nose gear forks are wheel and load dependent and are sold separately.



Spring factor is dependent on blade thickness and can be modified to suit the weight of the UAV.


Sizes available are:

Main 10"

Main 13"

Main 15"

Nose 11"

Nose 14"

Nose 16"