SR-71 Blackbird display model

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This is the SR-71 static display model based on our World Class scale RC model!

The Ultimate Jets SR-71 is not just the only large Blackbird commercially available on the market. It is also one of the best scale model of its generation!

This models won at Top Gun 2018 in Master class and a achived second place at Top Gun 2017 in Expert class including a stratospheric static scoring of 99.125  as well as "critics choice" and engineering awards! 



The model can be made as an SR-71, A-12 or YF-12 in standard black or titanium schemes.



The airframe is built in-house by our team of very skilled aero technicians. It uses a proprietary layup and production technique that we have used extensively on our UAVs, with a glass fiber skin.



Optional fixed Landing gear:

The optional fixed  landing gear was CAD drawn by Oli and is using our now famous hybrid 3D printing/ machining process.

The struts are completely in-house CNC machined on our Siemens milling centers to 5/100 mm precision. We are using 100% USA produced and certified Al 2024 T351 rated at 47,000 PSI yield strength and Al 7075 T651 rated at 73,000 PSI for all the gear components.

The hyper scale landing gear covers are laser 3D printed to 25 micron resolution and can be replaced in case of damage.



The tires are 3D printed in a very scale light grey high abrasion resistant rubber. They are hollow but not inflated. A 3D graphene internal structure insures the stiffness of the tire. This technique allows to save an amazing amount of weight on the landing gear.

The plane can also be ordered without the fixed landing gear, to be dis[layed gear up on a pole, or hanging from a ceiling.


Plane transport:

The plane splits in 6 parts: the nose section, the rear fuselage, the wings and 2 fins.

The bulkiest part ( rear fuselage ) is 47 in/ 1.2 meter wide and 78 in/ 2 meter long when dismantled.

We ship the kit in a bespoke 47" x 78" x 20" plywood crate that can be re-used for international transport. This crate can be dismantled for storage and is fumigated.

An 80 in wide trailer or pickup truck is recommended for transport.

Specific schemes are available:

Airframe painted with Dupont Imron aero paint at our aero certified paint facility. Chromaclear DuPont semi matt clear coat applied above the markings.

All standard paint schemes are available:

USAF Habu 


A-12 black

A-12 titanium

YF-12 black

YF-12 titanium


Special custom schemes available on request.


Options available:


Scale grills mounted

Fixed landing gear 

Scale red nomenclature ( rub-on transfers )

LED afterburner rings


Airplane data:

Scale: 1/8

Length: 13 ft/ 156 in or 3.96 m

Span: 82 in or 2.08 m