SR-71/ A-12/ YF-12 Ultra-scale grills.

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This is a set of 48 3D printed ultra-scale grills for the SR-71/ A-12/ YF-12.

These grills are laser printed at 50 micron resolution and come in black color or painted in titanium color for the A-12. They are open ( see through ) which allows to add details of the titanium engine pipes behind them and feature the exact number of vanes as well as the proper pitch between each one of them.


These grills are essential to the scale look of the spy plane and a must for any serious scale competitor.

 We provide the grills as a kit or already installed at the purchase stage.

Each grills requires 30 minutes of work for cleaning and prepping then another 30 minute of work for proper skin cutting and gluing from the inside of the airframe.