Scorpion Mk2 MIL spec loom

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This is a professionally build MIL spec loom for our Scorpion Mk2.

The loom is specced exactly at the proper length and features the following:











  • High quality AWG 20 silicon servo wires.
  • Custom crimped JR  plugs, EWC3 and EWC6 gold plated plugs.
  • All welding are using MIL silver solder wire.
  • Servo and EWC terminal cables protected with our MIL spec kevlar expandable mesh sleeve.
  • Very high quality MIL spec wrap-around heat protective sleeve included for the main loom.
  • Ultimate Jets PYCABS 2.6 mm HD  wire clips included.
  • 1/2" Ultimate Jets PYCABS loom clips included.
  • All cables are labeled on the receiver side.


The following items are included:


  • 8 wires for the main fuselage loom, soldered to EWC3 and EWC6 terminals, with JR plugs on the receiver side and labeled.
  • 4 wires for the left and right wings, crimped to EWC 6 terminals and labeled with JR plugs on the servo side.
    • 2 wires for the left and right rudder, crimped to EWC 3 terminals with JR plugs on the servo side.
      • 6 PYCABS loom clamps, 1/2".
      • 4 PYCABS 2.6 mm HD servo wire cilps banks.
      • The loom can be ordered in size short, medium or long.

      Here is a picture of the main fuselage loom. It connects the receiver to: the EWC6 plug ( aileron and flaps ), EWC 3 plug ( rudder ) and JR plug ( stabilizer ).

      The loom is pre-inserted in our MIL spec wrap-around sleeve and sealed with ballistic grade heat shrink fabric tube. The wrap-around sleeve is serviceable and the position of the splice and servo terminal can be adjusted.



      On the receiver side of the main loom, all the JR plugs are labeled with industrial grade printed heat shrink.

      The rear end of the loom, which passes in the thrust tube area, is protected with 2500F grade glass fiber sleeve. The stabilizer plug is labelled as well.


      The EWC6 side with the wrap around sleeve that comes to the plug.




      The wing loom is simple and short. One EWC 6 male plug, 2 female JR plugs. The servo plugs are labelled.



      The fin loom is even simpler. One EWC 3 and one JR female plug.


      Short size is for compact 12 channels receivers that are fitted at the back of the accessory tray.

      Medium size is 10 cm/ 4' longer for fitting a receiver at the middle of the tray.

      Long size is 25 cm/ 8" longer for fitting a powerbox system in front of the accessory tray, above the nose gear strut.