PTFE high temperature fuel tubing

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This is a new line of 99A shore hardness PTFE high temperature fuel tubing.

PTFE is one of the most chemically resistant plastics. It will withstand kerosene/ diesel/ alcohol flow for life, without alteration of its characteristics.

Additionally, this product is much more resistant than any other tubing to high temperatures and flames, making the 4 mm OD tube ideal for connection to the engine in a bypass duct with a greatly increased level of safety.

The 6 mm tubing is designed for the upstream side of the pump, or to connect engines with on-board pumps ( like some Jetcat units ).

Notice: This is a hard wall product is specifically formulated to bend without kinks ( contrary to regular PTFE tubing ) but does require more pressure from safety wires ( typically thicker gauge wire required ). For this reason, we recommend the use of our MIL spec Pisco push-to-connect fittings which work amazingly smooth and secure with these tube.

Demonstration below...

New PTFE fuel tubing flexibility test. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.



Service temperature range: -40F to +500F/ -30 to +260c

Vacuum rating: 30 in.Hg  far beyond fuel systems cavitation point of about 20 inHg at the most )

Hardness: Shore 99A ( suitable for Pisco fittings under vacuum condition )

Max pressure: 

4 mm OD: 600 PSI

36 mm OD: 400 PSI

Max bending radius 4mm OD: 10 mm

Max bending radius 6mm OD: 15 mm

Available by the foot