Loctite 4090 hybrid resin.

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This is a new generation of glue created by the Henkel chemists.

This is a mix of CA and epoxy glue and offers the advantages of both materials.

It sets to a medium hard compound within about 3 minutes.

It can be accelerated with CA kicker for instant fixture and sets to 50% strength in 24 hours.

Once fully cured ( one week ) it has the strength of the best Hysol epoxies and very good shock resistance properties.

It sustains 300F temperature continuously and does provide excellent aging properties in these conditions.

It resists to most chemicals, including hydrocarbons and gains in strength when exposed to these chemicals up to 1000 hours.


Technical publication available in the download section of this product page.

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The product is available as a 50 ml cartridge and requires specific mixing tips that are sold separately.

It must be stored at cold temperatures, between 2c and 8c.