Large footprint UV chamber M

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This chamber has been custom designed for industries working with larger SLA / DLP/ LCD printers.

It is optimised for printers like the Formlabs Form 2 or Form 3 but can also accept parts made on the Peopoly Phenom and Phenom Noir and other similar sized LCD printers.

The printer features a wide array of 405 nm LED strips that are optimum for photosensitive resins post-curing.

The chamber is round shaped to concentrate UV light as much as possible towards the center.

The chamber is made of composite material, lined with aluminum for optimal UV light reflection.

A large number of uniformly spread LEDs ( 300 ) , with a 45 degree emitting pattern, ensure UV flux uniformity, without the need for a turning base. A number of LED units are also placed at the base of the unit to provide vertical UV flux.


The chamber should NEVER be lighted up open, to protect the user from UV radiations.

Power source: 110 V- 240 V 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

Chamber mean diameter: 30 cm

Chamber height: 25 cm

Weight: 2 kgs

Power consumption: 60 W