JMP HF brake/ control servo valve

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This is a super high quality servo operated dual valve offering true High Flow with 4 mm or 1/8" ports.

This accessory is CNC machine from aluminum billet to the highest standards.


One side of the valve features a newly developed dual spool progressive brake valve. This valve allows for progressive brake pressure application. As the servo arm pushes the servo arm forward, the brake pressure increases.

The other side is featuring zero ( brake valve only ) to two super high quality valves that have previously been acclaimed Worldwide for many years for its reliability and smoothness.

The ports offer locknut fitting and are color coded: gold/ aluminum for 4 mm and silver/ blue for 1/8" ID.

Base configuration has the brake valve and doors fitted with 1/8" ID fittings and gear fitted with 4 mm ID fittings.

Full 1/8" fittings configuration available. Full 4 mm fittings configuration can be built on request within 24 hours. Other mixed configuration can be built on request within 24 hours. Please contact us for special orders.

The valve is compatible with our High Flow series air lines.

Single brake valve:

Brake valve + 1 control valve




Brake valve + 2 control valves: