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Ultimate Jet owner's factory, Enata Aerospace, is specialized in airframe tooling production and fast industrial prototyping. We offer development and manufacturing cycles as short as ARO + 60 days.

We have a 20 year experience in prototyping in the following Fields:


Airframe development.



Automotive design.


Flying cars development.


Mechanical engineering.


Giant Cougar nose gear presentation. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.



Our team of 12 design engineers and designers is at your service to realize you most ambitious goals in a short time frame.

Our facility offers the following hardware to support our team:

4 Siemens NX12 Xeon based licensed workstations, Rhino drafting, Star CCM + aero analysis, CD Adapco low velocity fluid analysis.

50 composite technicians, 2 Kuka robots, 4 modular ovens, 1 autoclave, 15 m pre-preg cutting table,  continuous vacuum supply lines within the factory. 10 composite production lines including wet lamination, infusin, pre-preg carbon fiber, glass fiber, kevlar fiber.

8 CNC machinists and engineers. 2 routers on 5 axis, 3 routers on 3 axis, 2 miling machines, 2 lathes, 2 milling robots. Max machining capacity : 30 meters by 5 meters on 7 axis.

3D printing : 4 FDM, 2 SLA, all materials including PEEK printing, current FAA 25.853 production for cabin interior.

Electrical harness manufacture : 4 electicians, crimping and welding shop, loom boards.

Fuel system manufacture : 3 technicians, own patented accessories and processes, mostly for jet engine powered UAVs.

Painting facility : 2 spray booths, 2 drying chambers, 9 aircraft painters.

Aircraft assembly lines : 6 assembly lines in operations at the moment, 18 technicians.

Flight testing department : 3 test pilots, 3 support technicians. End of production line testing and certification capability, including airworthiness certification.

Please contact our team through our company email. We will be happy to evaluate your RFI and work with you to achieve your targets in the shortest possible time frame.