Loctite square tips

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These are genuine Henkel tips we use the most with all the 3 types of Hysol glue.


We found out that cheaper Chinese mixing tips were not optimally manufactured and would not mix the glue properly. After having inquired number of complaints from customers claiming that the Hysol glue stays somehow soft or not very strong, we found out that it was always ending to non genuine mixing tips or non genuine mixing glue guns. Non properly mixed epoxy glue can affect the safety of your model.



Please use our Hysol/ Loctite branded products for a safe result.


The square green mixing grid is easy to remove with thin pliers and clean with acetone and a brush, even when full of glue.

Please allow the mixing grid to fully dry before re-inserting in the tip. this allows the residues of glue to set outside of the tip.

If done this way, a mixing tip can be cleaned about 10 times before having to discard it.


Please also review our technical notices in the download section of this page.