Ultimate Servo Covers carbon fiber servo hatch

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This is a set of right/ left High Modulus carbon fiber servo hatch.


The hatch is suitable for standard size servos and fit Aviation Design kits like:

Scorpion, Super Scorpion, Super Phoenix, Diamond.


The servo hatch is CAD designed to offer superior stiffness and tensile strength.


It is molded in one piece thanks to a unique 3 part hydraulically actuated mold design. The long funnel enables mounting of the servo head forward or aft ( with shorter servo arms ).

A vertical tab holds the servo and is created from carbon fabric running continuously in the thickness of the hatch. There is no gluing involved in the tab structure.
The tab is pressure molded with the hatch in one process and is part of the piece.


This hatch is being used in our Diamond flying targets at speeds as fast as 500 km/h- 300+ mph on a daily basis.


The tab is paced to offer clearance for the tallest servo with a HD ball link mounted on top of the thickest alloy servo arm. For standard setup on ball links, a plywood shim will be required as shown above. Standard clevis setup do not require shims.


The set comes as one right and one left pair of hatches. However single hatches are also available on demand.


A specific user manual is available for this product.