MIL spec heat protecting wrap-around cable sleeve

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This is a proudly made in the USA aero grade 1/2" MIL spec wrap-around sleeve designed to create custom looms.

The sleeve opens and wraps around your loom. It has a spring coil waving that creates a self-wrapping effect and will keep the sleeve tightly closed around the cables.


It is the only sleeve that provides the ability to protect a loom in-situ.

With this sleeve, it is also possible to allow some cables to exit the harness on the way as it can open easily. A small cut in the sleeve at the exiting location and the cable will stay in position.


Here is a video on how to insert a cable in the sleeve using our insertion tool:


Aero grade loom tutorial: wires protection. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.







The sleeve complies with fire/ flammability standards MIL STD 202 and FAR 25. It is flame retardant and has a continuous temperature range of -58/+257 F (-50/ 125 c ) and has a melting point of 480 F ( 250 c ).

It is intended to be used in conjunction with our PYCABS sleeve clips or high temperature clips.



Pricing by foot/ 0.3 m long length. Max continuous length: 100 ft.