Fouga Magister 1/4 scale MKII

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 The World Champion's plane!


This is the kit that Marc Levy used to build his multiple World Champion F4C plane ( runner up in 2010, winner in 2012 and 2014) !



Needless to say that this kit is extremely detailed, extremely true to scale and extremely realistic in flight.The plugs were produced from the original 1956 drawings of the plane from Castel Maubussin.

Marc Levy used that kit as a base and developed a lot of accessories to build his award winning model. These accessories will be available from us by the end of 2016 for those who want to bring their kit to World class level!

Over 15 000 rivets are engraved on the Aviation Design kit! Here are a few pictures of the World Champion's plane that will give you an idea of the mastership of Marc but also of the potential of the 1/4 scale Fouga.



The 1/4 scale Fouga is powered by a single 120 to 140 N engine and require a Y pipe. We recommend the use of the World leading B-100FB-140F or B-160F jet engines to match this superlative kit.


The kit is 100% molded and includes plywood/ carbon fiber formers as well as grass operations compatible landing gear and scale speed brakes.


The Fouga is extremely easy to fly. It takes off gently all by itself within 300 feet ( no need to pull !).

Aerobatics are extremely smooth and graceful. The plane being aerodynamically very close to a glider, dead stick landings are a breeze with a little bit of speed and altitude. Landings are equally easy thanks to the extremely effective speed brakes.

A scale landing gear is available as a pneumatic version. The speed brakes are servo operated.

Here is a picture of the super scale gear from Marc Levy. Note the very specific tires.



MKII is using a new set of molds and CNC cut Finnish birch plywood formers. It is produced in Europe to the highest standards and is extremely light.

A number of improvements were done to the internal structure, reinforcements and layup. For example, the center section is now mostly laid up from thick carbon fiber fabric for improved rigidity.This makes a plane with great flying characteristics and low speed handling.


The kit comes in grey or white primer. It includes:


• The fuselage made from glass/ carbon fiber and aero grade epoxy resin, with all the formers glued in the mold
• RC and engine access hatch as well as the molded canopy frames
• The wings and stabilizers molded in glas/ carbon aero grade epoxy
• 2 wing tip tanks
• 2 thermo formed clear canopies
• 2 glass fiber molded intakes
• Miscelaneous molded parts
• A set of drawings enabling a fast assembly of the plane

A full assembly manual


Options available:


  • Hardware package
  • Pneumatic landing gear
  • Electric landing gear
  • Wheels and brakes set
  • Gear doors set
  • Kevlar conformal fuel tanks
  • Kevlar conformal smoke tank
  • Speed brake set
  • Scale detail set
  • Cockpit and pilots set
  • Tamjets stainless steel pipe
  • LED light kit with nose light and lens



Wing span: 3.04 m or 120"

Length: 2.52 m or 99 "

Takeoff weight: 17 to 18 kg ( 37 to 40 lbs )


PNP versions available on demand.



Pictures 1,2 and 5 as well as video 1 courtesy of Laurent Michelet, Rc pilot.