F3H-2 Demon operating wing spoilers

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This is a set of 2 scale wing spoilers for the F3H-2.

The spoilers were added to the real plane after one year of operations due to wing warping at high speed. As such, the spoilers were an add-on that was bolted on top of the skin. Hence the very specific look of that part, that makes the identity of the Demon.


Our scale spoilers are CNC routed from a plain pre-preg aero spec carbon fiber plate. It comes with a set of MKS 747 HV servos, 3D printed custom brackets, pushrods and horns, as well as piano hinges and hinge plate.

Setup is relatively easy, but the room available in the wing at this location is tight and requires to follow the instruction precisely.


The spoilers work in parallel with the ailerons. They can be mixed to them, obviously deflecting only upwards. The effect on the airplane is beneficial since other than augmenting the roll rate a bit, it most notably stops the induced yaw effect.

Spoilers can also be coupled to the brakes for deflection on the runway when stopping the plane. This reduces the wing lift and improves brakes efficiency, as well as reduces the possibility of bouncing.