F3H-2 Demon operating fuselage speed brakes

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This is a set of 2 scale fuselage speed brakes for the F3H-2.

The speed brakes come as a kit including the following items:


1 pair of Actuonix electric jacks

1 pair of external shells

1 pair of external liners

1 pair of fuselage liners

1 pair of hinges

1 set of laser 3D printed hydraulic lines.


The intricate nature of the original speed brakes is perfectly represented by this kit, thus upgrading significantly the hyper scale look to the model.


The speed brakes are best coupled to the landing flaps. The mixer has to be setup so that the speed brakes will deflect to 50% if the landing flaps are selected and engine power is below 70%.

This effectively produces drag and improves greatly speed management on final approach and the Demon is a very slick airplane that can be challenging to slow down without these devices.

The installation instructions are available on the airplane OPS manual.