F-8E Crusader fuel bladder system.

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This is the new generation fuel bladder tank system for our 1/7 scale Crusader.

This consists of two identical bladders that are placed in the rear and front tank area.

The bladders are  constructed from a single layer technology. This thiscker layer is kerosene resistant, and UV and tear resistant. When fueled with the appropriate system, it is free of air bubbles at all times. A fuel fill port with air suction lines is built in the bladder, allowing purging of the air during the fueling cycle. An air separator clunk is placed inside the bladder and provides additional air separation protection.

Here is a picture of an empty bag after defueling, ready for refueling. The air draining lines are visible, as well as the clunk line.

Here is a picture of the bag after a fueling and air bleeding cycle. It is completely free os any air bubble.

The bags are connected in parallel with a Y junction just before the fuel pump.

The total useable quantity of this system is 4 liters.

This system allows a weight saving of 1.2 kgs at takeoff weight compared to the kevlar tank system.


A specific fueling station with air bleeding cycle and pressure sensor is required to properly refill this system.


Cannot be used in the USA and Canada as per AMA regulations.