F-8E Crusader display model

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This is the only F-8E Crusader available on the market.

The “last gun fighter” is one of the most influential aircraft of the 70s period as it was heavily engaged in the Vietnam war and served exceptionally well its American fighter pilot aces.

This is a medium size static display version of our awards winning RC F-8E Crusader. It is a perfect match for showcasing this true historical iconic US Navy/ Marines airplane in medium size halls.

Our plane has been CAD designed and CNC cut over a period of 3 years, from the original Vought Aircraft blueprints. It was the object of our utmost attentions and was refined many times along the design period. The airframe we are offering to the market is the 6th design iteration. So we are proud to say that our product is a tribute to the illustrous “ Mig Master” and its pilots.


This plane has been the object of a thorough scale design. the fuselage is engraved with all the panel lines and panel joiners rivets ( both flush and protruding types ). But it also features ( and this is an industry first ) all the intermediate stiffeners and stiffeners flush rivets skin wrinkles. When looking at the skin at a shallow angle, the waving pattern of the stiffeners and wrinkles are subtle, but apparent.



The airframe is built from our GlassTech processes. It uses a proprietary technology that allows us to fuse the epoxy glue  joints to the shells at the closure of the molds.

The fuselage is made from monolithic glass/ carbon fiber with the highest quality aircraft certified Finnish birch plywood available on the market for gear and wing support bulkhead. The remaining of the internals are made from aero grade airex/ carbon fiber laminates.


All the flying surfaces are made from Airex/ glass fiber/ carbon fiber laminates.

The wings internals are full carbon fiber.





The optional fixed landing gear is ultra scale and features many laser 3D printed parts with a 50 micron resolution. It is 100% cut in-house on our Siemens machines from Alcoa USA certified Al 6061 T6 and Al 7075 T351


The plane can be ordered without the fixed landing gear, to be fixed on a pole.


The wing is in 3 parts.

The center section incorporates the tilting mechanism ( operated with 2 servos or screw jacks ). Two HM carbon fiber large tubes are dimensioned to support 10 g loads. It also includes the operational inboard flaps.

The two outer panels include an integral leading edge slat and the outboard flaps. Both are operated by standard size servos. The slats and flaps can glued in retracted or extended position at customer's request.

The wing tilt can also be set in the up or down position.



Every plane purchased include an access to our quality system and progress report. The customeer can follow the progress of the build on a day to day basis. 

The plane can be ordered in any of the popular Criusader schemes.



The following options are available:

Ultra scale fixed landing gear.

Ultra scale cockpit

Ultra scale LED light kit

Ultra scale afterburner kit

Scale probes


Retractable fuel probe

Belly speed brake

Y sidewinder launchers

Wing pylons





Scale 1/7.2

Fuselage length: 2.3 m/ 90.4"

Span: 1.51 m/ 59.4"


Schemes examples:

VF-111 "Sundowner"

VF-211 "Mig Master"

VMFA-122 "Texan"

VC-8 "Love"

VF-194 "Rainbow"