Diamond MIL spec loom

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MIL spec loom manufacture has become our specialty over the years and we developed specific processes for UAV and small vehicle harnesses.That has enabled us to offer world class looms to the industry. 

We now have the ability to make reasonably priced top of the line MIL spec loom for our models. The Diamond loom is an illustration of this.

This harness is very complex and extensive. Here are a few statistics to illustrate this. It features:

10 hours of manufacture

156 crimps

21 meters of 20 AWG MIL spec silicon cable

0 welding


The loom is specced exactly at the proper length and features the following:











  • MIL spec AWG 20 silicon servo wires.
  • Custom crimped JR, Polarized latched plugs, MIL spec USC 12 gold plated plugs.
  • No welding at all!
  • Fuselage hot area USC terminal cables are protected with our MIL spec kevlar fiber expandable mesh sleeve and MIL spec heat shrink.
  • MIL spec wrap-around heat protective sleeve included for the main loom
  • 1/2" PYCABS clips included.
  • EZ 15 servo wire clamps included
  • HD servo wire clamp ramps included
  • All cables are labeled on the receiver side with industrial grade printed heat shrink.


The following items are included:


  • 3 wires for the main fuselage loom, crimped to USC 12  terminal, with JR plugs on the receiver side and labeled.
  • 4 wires for the left and right wings, soldered to USC 12 and labeled with JR plugs on the servo side.
    • 3 wires for the left and right elevator and rudder, soldered to USC 9 with JR plugs on the servo side.
      • 6 PYCABS EZ clips 15.

      Here is a picture of the main fuselage loom. It connects the receiver to: the USC 12 plug ( aileron, flaps, gear, brakes)

      The loom is pre-inserted in our MIL spec wrap-around sleeve and sealed with ballistic grade heat shrink fabric tube. The wrap-around sleeve is serviceable and the position of the splice and servo terminal can be adjusted.



      On the receiver side of the main loom, all the JR plugs are labeled with industrial grade printed heat shrink.

      The rear end of the loom, which passes in the thrust tube area, is protected with 2500F grade glass fiber sleeve. The stabilizer plug is labelled as well.




      The wing loom is simple and short. One USC 12 male plug, 4 female JR plugs. The servo plugs are labelled.



      The fin loom is even simpler. One USC 12 plug and 3 JR female plugs.