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The Ultimate Aerospace Diamond Fast Tactical Target is a very efficient high speed unmanned vehicle.

It has been entirely CAD designed and features futuristic shapes with a design inspired by the 1950s X Douglas X3 Stiletto flown by Major Chuck Yeager from December 1953 to July 1954.



This new generation of flying target also represent the first jet in the industry to have been entirely CFD and CAD designed.

Tthe unique proprietary supercritical airfoil, fuselage-to-wing interaction, rudder and stabilizer have all been carefully dimensioned and setup under Computational Flow Design with a market leading software.

The airfoil was the object of a long study and is 100% custom generated in-house.

The result is a stunning looking plane with truly unmatched flight performance.



The CAD work took hundreds of hour of careful optimization.

All the formers, spars and internal structure were carefully dimensioned and for optimal strength. The build is mostly using drilled Airex sandwich and an inner aero grade Finnish birch plywood structure.



The wing features a full plywood gear box with a thick plywood main spar and carbon fiber reinforcement. Two large aero grade alloy tubes are used to join both wings through the fuselage. The tubes are in one piece from side to side for optimal strength.



The rudder and stabilizer assembly has been carefully dimensioned and tested to avoid any type of flutter inducing coupling. The upper pod is full carbon fiber molded and the rudder spar/ tube joiner are made from thick plywood as well.



The fuselage main structure is mostly located to the rear of the plane and feature a full plywood assembly designed to hold the engine and rudder efforts.



The nose section of the plane feature a nose gear box and a removable accessory tray on which the nose gear attaches, rendering servicing extremely easy. This tray houses the Fresnel reflector device for radar acquisition.



This airframe was specifically optimized by Oli for heavy duty military operations.

It is updated at our production line in Dubai. The airframe is reinforced with carbon fiber tows and tapes in various strategical locations. It comes with a set of our UHM pressed carbon fiber servo hatch and a specific sealed carbon fiber bypass/ pipe that avoids any vacuum condition to spread in the airframe.


A complete accessory tray and loom is available as an option to improve the plane balance. The tray fits at the front of the plane in the nose section and feature a large air trap to help in shifting weight to the front. The engine loom is custom made to connect to the rear and is designed for the JB-220.




The plane comes with a set of carbon fiber servo hatch custom designed for the purpose by Ultimate Aerospace. We spent a considerable amount of time computing each flight control geometry to optimize the mechanical advantage and the servo torque required.


All the flight control analysis is available on the operations manual.


The result of this study dictated the use of custom molded high modulus carbon fiber servo mount/ hatch. These were CAD designed and produced from male/ female aluminum molds.




The plane was extensively tested on the ground ( static stress tests ) and in flight ( test flown with on-board cameras for any flutter or elastic oscillation condition).

Here is a video of a test flight:


Diamond test flight 6 from Oli Ni on Vimeo.



The powerplant is a professional grade 220N engine entirely made in Germany by Behotec. We provide support and full in-house servicing for these engines and are the USA distributor for this brand.


The gear is electric as well as the brakes.

The target features a short setup time on the operations field.

Endurance is 20 min with 12 liters of kerosene.

The plane comes fitted with our MIL SPEC Weatronic receiver and transmitter, rated at a range of 5 km.


Availability within 8 weeks upon order for a batch of 5 planes.





Colours available:


White, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange and yellow, low visibility grey.


Orange/ Black:






Span: 2,47m/ 97"

Length: 3,35m/ 132"

Dry Operating Weight: 26kg/ 52 lbs

Powerplant:  220N (  45 lbf )