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AVES flights mix from Oli Ni on Vimeo.

Aves is a family of UAV based on biomimicry concepts.


These UAVs are carefully designed to replicate a large bird. We offer several types of birds, depending on your region.

The following types are available:

. Seagull 

. Eagle

. Vulture

. Stork

The airframes are electrically powered, featuring a pusher propeller located in the tail.

The UAV is available with a series of technical payload optimized for surveillance. The following sensors are available:

Camera/ normal light

Camera/ IR

Camera/ night time

and other sensors on demand.

The payload is located on a revolving system that protects its optics for takeoff and landing.

 The UAV is equipped with a modern autonomous navigation system and real time feed.


Classic ISR ( Tactical observation, mapping and charting )

Infrastructure control ( critical infrastructure monitoring )

Search and rescue ( Thermal and visible light search, coordonates estimation )

Surveying and remote sensing ( Orthomosaic, photogrammetry, mapping, surveying )



Span, 2.5 m.

Takeoff weight: 2.5 kgs.

Payload: 500 grs.

Cruise speed: 43 km/ h - 12 m/ s.

Range up to 40 km.

Endurance up to 90 min.