CAN LCD module

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This is a LCD module that interfaces directly on a Jetcat v5, v6, v10 ECU or Xycoy ECU via a specific serial interface ( Merlin, Kingtech, Jet Central ) and displays the engine parameters on a large colour display.

The display can be left on board or placed for engine start and removed before flight.

It plugs in via a standard servo lead.










The unit can be chosen as ASSI display ( left on the picture with the 2 pins connector at the bottom left ) or .standalone ( right on the picture with the ERNI adaptor for the Jetcat V10 and 4 pins adaptor for the V6 and below series interface ).



The display can be ordered as standalone unit or ASSI interface ( please use the drop down menu to specify ).


Here is a video demonstration of the LCD CAN unit capability. A must watch!