B-300-F STG Ultra High Altitude

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A revolutionnary professional product!


The new B-300F STG is a World premiere and a technological tour-de-force showing the expertise of BF-Turbine.

This version of the B-300F reserved to professionals only does not have any starter motor at the front of the engine!

The motor/ generator assembly is built in around the engine shaft. This has several advantages:

  • Improved airflow to the engine and improved TSFC ( Thrust to fuel ratio or engine efficiency )
  • Reduced weight compared to a standard motor configuration
  • Permanently rotating assembly becoming a generator during the run

It is also the first time in the industry that a micro jet engine is rated for continuous use at an altitude up to 9000 meters/ 33 000 ft.


For a proper professional setup of this engine, we highly recommend following the industry's best practices detailed in our blog for fuel systems setup and heat management.


Manufacturing philosophy:

The ethics of BF Turbines and Behotec is very simple: use the best material and processes available in Germany to produce the highest quality turbines at a reasonable price. All the components are designed and produced in house ( including Inconel cast components and laser welded parts), enabling a perfect mastering of the quality, reliability and efficiency of the engines. The engines thermodynamic cycle and aerodynamics have been defined and optimized on computers with a famous CFD ( Computational flow design ) software called ANSYS. The engines are then CAD designed and digitally produced with state of the art Hermle 32U/ Siemens 848 D German CNC machines to 5 micron tolerance. Rotational parts ( engine axle, turbine and compressor boring ) are down to 3 micron tolerance.

Engines features:

All aluminium and steel design: no plastic parts are present on the engine except for the plugs.


High quality dual ball bearing starter motor.

Black diamond anodized inlet and compressor on the BF engines ( world premiere ) enabling a very high resistance to dust abrasion of these parts.

CNC machined compressor, diffuser and outer casing from aero grade aluminium billet.



CNC machined engine axle made from high tensile steel.

State of the art GRW 6000 series hybrid ceramic bearings made in Germany.

Laser cut and welded full Inconel combustion chamber ( world premiere ).




Custom machined Inconel fuel sticks with stainless steel diffuser needles. 



Bespoke ceramic burner with specific positioning enabling very positive and predicable starts.

 In-house designed and produced Inconel turbine wheel and CNC machined NGV





Patented self centering rear bearing system, including exclusive lubrication and cooling patterns keeping this area of the engine very cold.

Integrated temperature sensor with TGT reading ( not an EGT reading: much more predictable and precise but reads higher temperatures than an EGT ).



Exhaust pipe and inner cone CNC machined from billet high temperature steel, including  6 Laser welded fastening tabs ( world premiere ) and 12 fastening screws with a specific high tolerance seal.



Anodized CNC machined bracket including rivnut system for easy fastening.

Unique fully anodized engine for maximum durability with a specific color scheme.

Bespoke accessories:

High flow fuel pump with specific large bore fuel lines and optional 3D printed mounthigh flow engine pump adapter



Bespoke high flow fuel valves offering 50% higher flow than standard electronic valves.



High frequency Hornet III ECU enabling very accurate engine control.

Fuel system:

We are the only manufacturer on the market offering a complete line of fuel accessories designed for this engine. Our UHF line ranges from a specific 1/4" fuel clunk and Viton tubing, to fuel stoppers, barb-to-thread fittings, 1/4" port air traps and high flow engine pump adapter.


Best fuel efficiency and power-to-weight ratio of the market.

Best price-to-thrust ratio of the market.

This engine can only be sold to registered UAV manufacturers and operators.