Antelope flying car study platform

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This is a 1/2 scale version of the Bellwether Industries Antelope car designed to provide a study platform to universities, industrial provider and regulatory agencies.

The car is fitted with 4 Schuebeler DS-98 EDF mounted vertically, allowing the car to takeoff, hover and land. Thrust vectored versions are available on larger versions of Antelope for lifting body flying capability.


This platform is mostly designed to allow research and development on VTOL car and allow the teams to conduct studies on integration of such vehicle in urban environment ( regulatory checks, traffic flow management, TCAS implementation, ADS implementation etc... ).


The car is full carbon fiber, made from ultra light core material and ultra thin uni-directional multi-layered carbon Using our Cloudtech technology ). The main car body is monocoque with a removable upper body that allows easy access to the equipment.



The car is supplied ready to fly with batteries, controller, receiver, PID programmed.


Custom paint scheme is made on demand.


Antelope flying car hovering tests from Oli Ni on Vimeo.




Length: 2.35 m

Width: 1.26 m

Height: 0.7 m

Takeoff weight: 25 kgs

Total thrust available: 440 N

Batteries supplied: 8 packs for a total of 4 x 12S 8000 mAh 

Endurance: 2 minutes.