Aero flame retardant PTFE Heatshrink tube

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This is an aero/ MIL spec high temperature heat shrink tube for sealing kevlar braided looms ( 4ft length pieces).

These unique heat shrink tubes have a ratio of 2:1.2 ratio. The walls of the tube are made of ultra high temperature PTFE. The resulting interface will be highly flame retardant. Can be used to protect carbon fiber pushrods or fuel tubing in high temperature environment ( near jet engine thrust tubes or in the engine bay ).

ATTENTION! Shrinks at 600F/ 343c and requires a very powerful heat gun. Additionally, the braided sleeve AND cable bundle MUST be MIL-I-23053 600F rated. We recommend using our MIL spec PTFE/ sliver cable and kevlar braided sleeves.


2 mm, shrunk ID= 1.2 mm


4 mm, shrunk ID= 2.6 mm


6 mm, shrunk ID= 3.6 mm


8 mm, shrunk ID= 5 mm


12 mm, shrunk ID= 8.4 mm


1/2" size: unshrunk ID 19 mm, shrunk ID= 14 mm



Complies with MIL-I-23053 for continuous use at 500F/ 260c

Complies with MIL-DTL-23053 for resistance to cutting. Secant modulus: 50,000 PSI

Complies with ATSM  D-149 for dielectric resistance of 500 V / Mil


Proudly made in the USA to the highest standards.