JMP Multiple circuit fill manifold 1/8"

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These are the new JMP integrated fill/ dial indicator circuits. 

The new 2 and 3 circuit Fill Valve panel has three individual air circuits. It includes the new 1-way fill valve and high quality Pisco gauge are used for each circuit and securely mounted to a machined base. Normally, the circuits are for retract gear, brakes, and gear doors or retract and brakes for the 2 panel version.

On the rear side of the panel are two or three sets of hose barbs. One set is for the retract gear operating valve and retract gear air supply. The second set is for the brake valve and brake air supply. The third optional set is for the gear door operating valve and gear door air supply.

The Fill Valve panel also eliminates the need for T-fittings on three air circuits.

These are super high quality accessories CNC milled from aluminum billet and hard anodized to the tightest tolerances.

Available as 2 circuits or 3 circuits variants.