Electric landing gear custom conversion

We are cooperating with an Austrian manufacturer, GZ-retracts, to facilitate custom electric gear conversions to any type of retract for customers from the USA.



GZ is using state-of-the art electric motors from Maxon in Switzerland to provide enough power to move any type of struts/ retract configuration.



A converted Wabo retract used on the Grumania 1/4 scale Messerschmidt 262.


The electrical motor interface is done by screwing the motor holder on the retract. A ball bearing stop is provided on the heavier retracts.


A hole in the holding bracket gives access to the shaft set screw.


A rubber coupler is fitted between the motor and the shaft. It works as a troque damper when the motor starts and would save it in case of a shock or bending due to a crash.



Electric braking system is also available and provides a very dependable braking action, including ABS feature ( see below ).

GZ has also produced its own retract control with ABS feature ( slightly pulsating brake action avoiding to lock the wheel for a long time and avoiding tyre flats ) , fully programmable sequence with strut speed, and strut start delay, wheel lock at retraction. Motor power, current trip-off, trip-off timer and other parameters are adjustable as well.




Programming is done via a LCD screen from a control unit called Jeti box.


The gear can be powered by the receiver accumulator or a separate one, from 2S to 3S Lipo.

Some setup might need parts machining and GZ will provide a quote for the conversion upon receiving your specific landing gear.

You still have to ship from your place and ensure that the goods are arriving in due form to Austria. As GZ does not speak English, we provide customer follow up,  support and technical assistance only, for this product.


GZ electric retract first test from Oli Ni on Vimeo.