UAV retracts

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We have developed a line of lightweight electric retracts for UAV of various sizes, from 10 kgs to 100 kgs AUW.

These are made aerospace grade materials.


The retract walls are cut from a single block of titanium/ aluminum Alcoa QC10 material. QC10 has a density of 2.8 with surface hardness of steel. This is perfectly suited for this purpose.

The trunion is made from fatigue resistant Al 2024 block.

The slider and trunion axle are made of self lubricating high hardness bronze 510.

The retracts use high power planetary gear reducted motors with step counting board.



Sizes available are:

M-EL-F: medium size, electric, flat type,  for 10 kgs to 30 kgs AUW UAV

L-EL-F: large size, electric, flat type, for 20 to 50 kgs AUW UAV

XL-EL-F: Extra large size, electric, flat type, for 40 to 100 kgs AUW UAV

Retraction range: 0 to 90 degrees. other ranges are available for custom design.


Pin type: 8 mm hole for M size, 10 mm hole for L size, 12.5 mm hole for XL size.

Barrel type: 16 mm hole with clamping screws for L size,  18 mm hole with clamping screws for L size, 25 mm hole with clamping screws for XL size.

Barrel type is compatible with direct servo steering for nose units.

Pricing is per retract.