UAV molded tires

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We can provide custom UAV tires matching custom UAV wheels.

The molded tires can be of two technologies.

Plain Foamed Molded rubber ( PFM )

Inflatable Kevlar belted Molded tires (IKM )

  1. PFM tires are the most simple form of custom tires. They are suitable for smal/ medium UAVs.


. They can be produced relatively fast

. They require no maintenance.

. They are easy to replace

. They are cheaper


. They are heavier

. They are limited in rotational speed ( max 20 m/s outer surface velocity )

. They are limited in size ( max 10 " )

        2. IKM tire are more advanced tires. They are suitable for medium/ large                     UAVs


. They are lighter

. They sustain high surface velocity/ high rotational speeds.

. They are not limited in size


. They are puncture/ flats sensitive

. They require inflation/ maintenance/ pressure inspection

. They are more difficult to replace

. They are more expensive


Please contact our specialists for a quote on custom UAV tire manufacturing.