CloudTech ultra-large screw cap fuel stopper

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The new Cloudtech Ultra large screw cap fuel stopper is a declination of our high flow feulle stopper and is entirely in-house CAD designed and CAM produced

  • It is truly optimized for push-to-connect Pisco fuel fittings of 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm.
  • The opening size allows to pass filters and brass tubes at the same time
  •  It comes with a drilled aluminum flange that glues on the tank side
  • Compatible with our NPT straight or elbow fittings.
  • Compatible with our new line of Pisco push-to-connect fittings
  • It includes a heavy duty viton sealing gasket that seals in a precision grove with 10% compression
  • The large serrated wheel allows for easy and tight fastening of the cap



The stopper is entirely CNC cut on our high precision Sinumerik 804D milling machine to 4/100 mm.

We are using a certified Al 6061 T65 alloy that is ASTM B221 approved and quality traced.







The large stopper diameter allows the use of our Ultra High Flow medium or large clunks.







 Here are the specifications of the flange that needs to be glued on your tank with Hysol 9462.