Ultimate Serial Board

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The ultimate Serial Board is a unique product on the market.

It is a serial board that can be plugged to any of the serial bus system available on the market. It is compatible with Futaba's SBUS, JR's XBUS, Spektrum's SRXL bus, Multiplex SRXL bus and Weatronic's SRXL bus.

You can then plug any regular servo to the board and program it to follow orders from the radio's programmed serial outputs.

Up to 4 servos can be plugged on one board.


The Ultimate SRXL board is designed to be fail-passive. This means that if any component of the board fails, the other boards downstream will still work.

The Ultimate SRXL board accepts our MIL spec serial loom connectors ( USC3 plugs ) that offer 20 Amps of current max and feature a very strong plug lock.

The servo plugs are lock polarized type but are also compatible with regular JR type plugs.