Recon Jet NCFD

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The Recon Jet is a new breakthrough in remote control flying for professional and leisure pilots!

This new product enables you to display a set of chosen data in front of your eyes.



It was originally designed for cyclists and we completely designed a specific Ultimate Jets app from scratch to offer the same level of features to the pilot.

Note that all the embedded sports features and community apps are still available on our version of the Jet.





The product includes the following features:

A large LCD display collimated at 3 meters with 240 lines.

A camera sensor that adapts the backlight of the display for all kinds of luminosity ranges.

A built-in GPS.

Built in Bluetooth and Wifi chips that connects to the Weatronic BAT series transmitters and DV 4 modules to display 3 data field of your choice.



A speaker system ( not used for the time being on the UJ as the Weatronic BAT has its own speaker ).

A 720 p camera that can record short sequences of video.





An ANT + connection can display the following fields for the sports enthiousiast:

Heart rate


GPS position

Cycling power




The device is powered by a dual core Qualcom processor and is running on Android Operating System.

As such it is capable of navigation display and guidance.




The information is showing on the lower right corner of your vision field:



For further information about the device ergonomics, please have a look at the NCFD article in our blog: