Ultra-tool 333Al Performance 3 flute Aluminum carbide cutter.

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These are high performance carbide cutters made in the USA from the highest quality material.

The Ultra-tool 333 Al end mill is designed specifically for the highest possible efficiency in the milling of aluminum. It will allow full machine capacity roughing and close tolerance finishing of aluminum and other non ferrous materials.

It features a 3 flute 45 degree helix to provide high chip evacuation rate and maintain a large volume of coolant fluid.

Features Smooth Edge 2: a lapping treatment designed to create extreme lubricity and smoothness.

TiB2 coated for superb lubricity and increased longevity while reducing chip weld and galling. Especially suited for medium to long production runs.

These tools are precision ground from Ultra-Grain®, a premium carbide substrate that couples high hardness with excellent chipping resistance.

Cobalt Percentage: 10%
Grain Size (μm): ≤ 0.7
Hardness: 92.7 HRa
Fracture Toughness (K1c): 7.9
TRS (GPa): 4.1
Density (gm/cc): 14.30

Shrink fit ready.








Suited for: end milling, face milling, pocket milling, slot milling and peripheral milling.



Tool tolerance.

Cutting Diameter: + 0.000/ -0.007 mm

Shank Diameter: + 0.000/ -0.007 mm