6 Flute Carbide Countersink

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This is a very handy tool that creates a perfectly conical recess for your countersunk screws.

The 1/4" flute is particulartly adapted to super scale embedding of micro countersunk screws. It can be used to hide offset hinges securing screw, recess scale panel access fasteners...

The 1/2" flute will be very handy for bigger countersunk screws like nylon screws, retract fasteners that need to be flush, or any other heavier duty job.

Both tools feature a 1/4" shank that is suited for fitting in cordless drills.

Both countersinks are 6 flute types, made from the highest quality tungsten carbide blanks. They are titanium oxyde coated and 100% made in the U.S.A. by one of the best machining tool manufacturer, according to our design and requirements.

Designed to machine aluminium, hard, medium and soft woods.

For composite machining, please use our diamond point titanium coated carbide burrs.

Here is a video of the countersink in action:

Cutting a countersink recess in composite laminate. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.