NF-3 XLF high power LED light kit.

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This is the little brother of the  NF-5 XLF and is unit is designed as a high power output, fan cooled LED kit with a few less outputs ( 11 outputs instead of 12 and 4 power circuits instead of 6 ).

It uses a 3S Lipo accumulator to supply power to 1, 2 and up to 5W LED lights with nominal current of 120, 350 , 700 mAh/ 3W and up to 1500 mAh / 5W for flashing emitters ( Cree XP units ).

The unit features eight independent current-powered outputs.

Two outputs are for position lights (P1 and P2), three outputs are designed to power anti-collision flashing lights ( F2 ) and beacons ( F1 and F3 ). Additionally, three outputs supply the landing lights (L1, L2 and L3).

The second landing light output is delayed by one second from the first landing output. This simulates sequenced switching by the pilot. 

The unit offers eight different jumper configurable flashing combinations with a one second period for F1 and F2 outputs. The F3 output has an independent time base so that its pattern slowly drifts against F1 and F2 flashes . An F3 jumper regulates the pulse drift.

Customer can propose other combinations and try them using a simulating program , store them into a file and request a custom pattern when ordering new unit. The program is available on the Web.

The unit can be configured as pilot controlled or plug in controlled. If controlled by the pilot, jumper "3p" allows you to select between a 2-position (Fly/Landing) or 3-position (Off/Fly/Landing) scheme from the Rx input.

A certain number of outputs are split on the board but connected in series. These are: L1, for dual leading edge runway turnoff lights, L2 for dual taxi lights, P2 for red/ white NAV lights and F2 for dual wing tip strobes.


If any one of these outputs is not connected, the other one will not work. The open output will have to be bridged with a jumper. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL not to shorten the other terminals by mistake. That would result in an immediate destruction of the controller.

Here is an example of bridging F2, L1, L2 and P2 for single output use.

A typical lighting system is shown below.


Anti-collision and landing lights automatically begin to flash when the receiver is in failsafe mode. The receiver circuit and the light circuits are electrically separated by an opto-coupler.

The controller can maintain outputs nominal current in a wide range of supply voltage from 6V to 14V.

WARNING: This kit includes some of the brightest LED emitters available on the market. Direct sighting at the LED without eye protection can damage the retina. Always use sun glasses when testing or using this equipment.

Items included in this kit:

NF-5 XLF Fan cooled control unit

LED - Position:

1 x Green with heatsink 8mm/ 2W, 1 x Red with heatsink 8mm/ 2W+ 1 x White 8mm/ 1W

LED -  Flashing:

1 x Red with heatsink 8mm/ 2W +  2 x White with heatsink 8mm/ 5W

LED -  Landing:

2 x White 8mm/ 1W + 2 x W with heatsink 8mm/ 5W


2 pcs Reflector 31 mm O Landing lights reflector with optics and black holder

2 pcs Heatsink for 5W landing LEDs

18 m flat 2 core 2 core micro cable, 0.127 mm diameter,

10 pcs  2pin Molex connector, 2,54 mm pitch

20 pcs Molex pins for connector

8 pcs 2 pin Connector cable with a lock on,

2x contacts

4 set DIST Mounting kit,

metal spacer