AD Diamond LED light kit

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This is a custom designed light kit for our Diamond kit.

It is based on our industry leading ultra high power NF5-XLF light controller, powering a set of ultra bright high efficiency Cree emitters.


The controller is able to send so much power to the LEDs that it requires the use of a 2000 mAh minimum 3S Lipo battery.

The kit is also unique is that it is using a set of custom designed precision laser 3D printed transparent lenses. 


These lenses feature two internal air/ resin  diffuser that will make them glow very bright and will offer a 45 degree and 20 degree coverage pattern.



The kit includes a complete NF5-XLF kit with the controller, the LEDs and wires as well as a set of 9 transarent lenses.


NF-5 XLF Fan cooled control unit

LED - Position:

1 x Green with heatsink 8mm/ 2W, 1 x Red with heatsink 8mm/ 2W+ 1 x White 8mm/ 1W

LED -  Flashing:

1 x Red with heatsink 8mm/ 2W +  3 x White with heatsink 8mm/ 5W

LED -  Landing:

3 x White 8mm/ 1W + 2 x W with heatsink 8mm/ 5W


2 pcs Reflector 31 mm O Landing lights reflector with optics and black holder

2 pcs Heatsink for 5W landing LEDs

18 m flat 2 core 2 core micro cable, 0.127 mm diameter,

10 pcs  2pin Molex connector, 2,54 mm pitch

20 pcs Molex pins for connector

8 pcs 2 pin Connector cable with a lock on,

2x contacts

4 set DIST Mounting kit,

metal spacer

4 long lenses

2 short lenses

3 dome lenses