HF/ UHF/ XHF fuel vent.

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This vent is a simple design for 3/16",1/4" or 5/16" ID tubes. 

Made of brass for improved corrosion resistance, it is designed to be glued on the fuselage and is easy to paint.



The lower ring design to clip on the composite layup or sandwich up to 3 mm thickness. When glued with Hysol, this vent will be very securely set in position.


The flange is very thin ( 0.5 mm ) and can be easily concealed or blended in the finish.

Barbed on one end, with a flat flange on the other end.

The fitting is 1" long.

This accessory is especially useful when combined with our tank pressurization scoop. That allows to create a slight overpressure in the fuel tank system while flying and minimize the risk of cavitation...

Sold as a vent only without the scoop.