PTFE high temperature fuel tubing

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This is a new line of 99A shore hardness PTFE high temperature fuel tubing designed according to the best industrial practices for heat protection.

PTFE is one of the most chemically resistant plastics. It will withstand kerosene/ diesel/ alcohol flow for life, without alteration of its characteristics.

Additionally, this product is much more resistant than any other tubing to high temperatures and flames, making the 4 mm OD tube ideal for connection to the engine in a bypass duct with a greatly increased level of safety.

The 6 mm tubing is designed for the upstream side of the pump, or to connect engines with on-board pumps ( like some Jetcat units ).

Notice: This is a hard wall product is specifically formulated to bend without kinks ( contrary to regular PTFE tubing ) but does require more pressure from safety wires ( typically thicker gauge wire required ). For this reason, we recommend the use of our MIL spec Pisco push-to-connect fittings which work amazingly smooth and secure with these tube.

Demonstration below...

New PTFE fuel tubing flexibility test. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.



Service temperature range: -40F to +500F/ -30 to +260c

Vacuum rating: 30 in.Hg  far beyond fuel systems cavitation point of about 20 inHg at the most )

Hardness: Shore 99A ( suitable for Pisco fittings under vacuum condition )

Max pressure: 

4 mm OD: 600 PSI

6 mm OD: 400 PSI

8 mm OD: 300 PSI

Max bending radius 4 mm OD: 10 mm

Max bending radius 6 mm OD: 15 mm

Max bending radius 8 mm OD: 18 mm

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