1/3.7 Cougar ultra scale electric gear

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This is the electric Cougar gear set with disc brakes, 100% CNC made in-house on our Siemens machines, from Alcoa Al 6061, Al 7075 and Al 2024 alloys.

The Cougar gear comes with our medium UAV size electric retracts, cappable of lifting 5 kgs/ 10 lbs at 25 cm/ 10" from the trunion axle.

The main retract is modified to offer the very specific retraction range of 30 degrees to 95 degrees from the vertical direction.

The nose retract is a 45 degree custom designed unit that feature an ultra-low axle position to replicate the real plane's specific geometry, thus allowing the very specific 5 degree nose up attitude on the ground. The retraction range is 95 degrees to - 10 from the vertical direction.


Each retract is fastened with 6 countersink M5 screws and can sustain 100 kgs of vertical load.

The struts are made from a hybrid CNC/ 3D print technology.

Load bearing is ensured by Al 2024 Alcoa tubes. These are enhanced by laser 3D printed covers that reproduce the external shape of the original gear to 50 microns resolution.

The floating disc brakes are our UAV grade servo operated system. They are true to scale and feature high carbon content steel discs CNC  surface ground. Aluminum calipers hold HV servos that operate custom aero spec ceramic brake pads.



The nose wheel steering is using a MKS 747 HV servo, directly fitted inside the trunion. The link is made of an ultra short Kavan ball links. The entire strut rotates in the trunion sleeve, thus preserving the scale look of the non steerable nose unit of the real plane.


Giant Cougar nose gear presentation. from Oli Ni on Vimeo.


The operation of the ultra powerful 25 mm planetary reduced electric motors is ensured by a specifically design controller that is able to sustain 12 A per channels continuous and feature internal gyroscope as well as a 6 V regulated servo door sequencing system.


The controller is programmed to offer a scale landing gear retraction sequence while maintaining perfect dependability of the sequence.


Cougar landing gear demonstration from Oli Ni on Vimeo.



 The main wheels are plain aluminum CNC machined and feature 2 high load ABEC 5 bearings per side. The tires are 3D printed to the exact dimensions of the real ones.