Emcotec EMC High Current Plugs

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High current 6 pin plug made in Germany to the highest specifications.

They feature gold plated contact with a twin blade configuration to improve flux dispersion during welding and contact friction on the plug.

The body is made form a very high quality heat resistant resin and is very tolerant to heat soaking.

These plugs can be welded to connect 2, 3 , 4 or 6 cables. In the 2 cable configuration with 3 pins connected, the plug supports 100 A burst current.

We recommend using our Duraseal high temperature silicon and a 1 inch section of heat shrink to protect the weldings.

These plugs can be  welded to our EMC welding board.

We also sell a plug housing to secure it on a tray or former/ fuselage side.

Comes as a set of 5 male or 5 female plugs.