MIL spec PTFE wire

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This cable is of the highest quality available and 100% made in USA.

The core is made from high purity silver coated stranded copper wires. The insulation is made from PTFE. This cable can withstand up to 390°F/ 200°c continuously and direct exposure to a 1000°c flame for 3 seconds. It also resists to very aggressive chemicals like petroleum products, acids, acetone, jet engine oil, paint thinners, etc...

This cable is used to connect the kero burner inside our engines, and can be used on many applications in jets. It is particularly suited to connect servos, batteries, LED lights, electrical landing gear, etc... in the tailpipe and engine area.

Comes in a wide variety of gauges and colours, selling by the foot.

The basic gauge is 12/ 14/ and 16 AWG and is suitable up to 80/ 45/ 30 A continuous/ 300/ 150/ 100 A peak. For 18, 20 and 22 AWG please call the shop.


Flame test:


MIL spec cable flame test from Oli Ni on Vimeo.




Also note that some of our customers use this cable for high end audio application where sound purity and cable sleeve resistance are appreciated.


Complies to MIL-W-16878/4 and is flame rated VW-1.