High flow pump/ valve barbed fittings.

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This is a brass fitting especially adapted to use large bore Tygon tubing with the B-300F UHA, B-300F STG UHA or B-500F STG UHA, 6 mm and 4 mm fuel pumps and valves.


It is designed to be used on the suction side of fuel systems where push-to-connect devices have to be secured.

The fitting simply plugs into the push-to-connect port of the pump/ valve and allows the use of a UHF or XHF Tygon tube secured with Chromel wire.

The fitting is made of a brass tube with a welded single barb. A large 1/2" zone allows plenty of room for safety wiring with a thin nose plier.

Inserts in 6 mm or 4 mm push-to-connect fittings.