3D printed Turbine accessories bracket set.

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This is a set of laser 3D printed turbine accessory brackets and clips for UAV and hobby jet engines.

All the brackets and clips are CAD designed and CAM produced from the best material to 50 micron resolution.

The brackets come in black color to fit possible carbon fiber trays and the clips in grey color for Krylon make-it-stone finish.

It comprises of:


    1. An ECU tray with retaining tabs and 4 countersink holes, coming with its countersink screws.

    2. A fuel pump holder, with four retaining screws, two being used to squeeze the pump in the bracket.


    3. A fuel valve holder. The valves sit side by side and are fastened through with two 2-56 long screw. Two countersink holes and screws come with the set to fasten the holder.     


    4. An I/O board holder that serves 2 purposes. It isolates the board from the accessory plate, thus enabling the use of carbon fiber sheeting if required and also lifts the board to avoid damaging the components weldings.

    This elevated position also facilitates the extraction of the RJ-11 plug from the socket. This comes with a set of 4 sheet metal screws.


    One 4 mm PYCABS clip for the fuel tubing.

    One 2.6 mm PYCABS clip for the power wires.

    A set of 4 EZ PYCABS clips.

    The set allows very clean engine installations.