Ultimate Offset Hinges

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UOH is a new product , CAD designed and 3D printed in-house.

These hinges are a refined design over the regular product.

The following features have been enhanced:

Wide "W" or narrow "N" base plate with taper holes for better gluing. More holes are present.


Thick hinge arm for a stronger and stiffer hinge.

Uses a M2 socket head screw that can be mounted from the right or from the left. This allows for a removable axle in all situations.


3 holes for the main ball link connection allowing for mechnical advantage of 1:1, 1:1.5 and 1:2.

Sold with a dedicated M2 ball link. Direct mounting of the link without having to re-drill anything.

The offset hinges are available in the following size:

UOH 8 W, UOH 8 N ( 8 mm hinge opening, equivalent to the common 1/2" offset door hinge )

UOH 12 W, UOH 12 N ( 12 mm hinge opening, equivalent to the common 3/4" offset door hinge )

UOH 16 W, UOH 16 N ( 16 mm hinge opening, equivalent to a 1" offset door hinge )

UOH 22 W, UOH 22 N ( 22 mm hinge opening, equivalent to ta 1"-1/2 offset door hinge )

UOH 30 W, UOH 30 N ( 30 mm hinge opening, equivalent to a 1"-3/4 offset door hinge )


Available by pack of 4.