LG 15 gear controller

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 This is our  Gen 2 LG 15 gear controller and advanced controller manual.

It is now being built with higher power capacity and can accept up to 12v and 5A rating for larger electric gear units like our high torque Behotec C-50 and Ultimate Jets custom retracts. The unit comes with our advanced manual, professionally written by Oli.

The LG15 supports the following functions:

. Gyro assisted differential brake mode for ground steering of the model 

. Gyro assisted steering servo control with dedicated gain, direction and center fully adjustable

. Internal gyro that can be mixed ( or not ) to the steering servo and/or differential braking

 . 3 retracts control with time, overcurrent or step shutoff

. Separate control of each electric brake in proportional and fully adjustable pulse mode

. 8 servo outputs for controlling the gear doors. Direction, speed and end points can be programmed separately for each servo.

.10 steps gear door sequencer. The position of the gear and of each door servo can be adjusted foar all 10 steps. Time resolution of 0.1 second.

. Rc input available: PWM single or dual channel ( gear + brake ), SBUS, SRXL bus, UDI bus, Jr mode A bus, Jeti EX bus.

.On-board color touch screen for programming

. Micro SD slot card for setting saving and firmware upgrade.


At typical landing speeds, a deflection of over 15 degrees on the nose tire will just result in a flat. The rubber adhesion will not be sufficient for the cornering action commanded. The higher the landing speed, the smaller the nose tire diameter, the harder the tire rubber, the more noticeable the cornering limitation becomes.
Also, at high speeds the cornering action might over-torque your servo if too weak/ or too much travel is required.

For these reasons, a differential braking action will assist considerably in steering the plane at high speed or with a small nose wheel tire. It will also unload the steering servo significantly.


The gyro assisted steering function is a great advantage since this is de-coupled from the flight gyro. Separating the rudder gyro from the steering gyro is important for several reasons:

1. The steering and rudder have different arm and force on the yam axis as they are at a different distance from the main gear.

2. The rudder looses authority when speed decreases whereas the nose wheel increases authority.

3. The yaw action of the steering is located under the roll axis whereas the rudder is located above it.

As a consequence it is a real plus to be able to program different gains and heading lock function on the steering and the rudder. Our LG 15 controller takes care of the steering single-handedly  and allows this!


Included: 1 LG 15 controller, access to our advanced electronic manual.